Do People and Business Matter – here they do!

People & Business matters and both experience rapid rates of change. I don’t need to expand further on the nature and speed of that change it is well publicised and bemoaned (and sometimes celebrated).

All of us experience and go through changes; that’s inevitable. It is also apparent that there are many ways to pass through those changes, so practical & secular, some religious and spiritual, but many are lonely and hard. This is particular so as many of us are left with an overall sense of not knowing where to start with a response to that change; how to plan, learn, develop or even ask for help? How to address the mental, emotional or physical anguish associated with the transition?

This can be as simple as needing to write a CV, respond to pressure from work or business, or to return to work or business after a career break. It can be how to plan for business growth, decline or worrying staff, customer and supplier issues – especially for smaller businesses.

It may be about parenting, both of a child and towards a parent. It could be marriage breakdown or career development or it might be about finding that Genuine Passion and Greater Purpose (“Maximise your GP!”).

Addressing the space that exists between the practical & ethereal, person & organisation, stability and space is what the initiative People and Business Matters (PBM), driven from the Community Project at the Clophill Centre is winning funding to do. Focused on teaching and community support the centre encourages participation and has established a number of ways to do so. PBM is one of those, where a warm welcome is offered on either the last or third Friday of each month. It is local people responding to local needs and invites inclusion.

The series of regular monthly events is being held to enable individuals to attend and draw down on the skills of counsellors, coaches and business psychologists to help them develop themselves, their careers and their organisations.

Although the talks have a structure and a regular changing theme, participants are encouraged to ask questions around their current challenges and the format can be interactive. The Forum forms part of an ongoing program that creates community support for those (if not all of us) experiencing life’s transitions.

Each talk is complete in itself and yet forms a complete program too.
That program will soon include the following future local speakers:

1.Dr Neelam Taneja Phd, formerly an MD of an international company, local entrepreneur and Mindfulness Teacher in Schools and Work.
2.Natalie Hailes, Finance, Sales and Marketing recruitment and training specialist with a passion for supporting personal development.
3.Dr Michael Jones Phd, formerly responsible for Business Development at ICI and currently advising the DTI & the Regional Development Agency, he is a Business Psychologist and Hypnotherapist.
4.Angela Samm, a business woman has run a women’s refuge and now practices as Life Coach and healer with a passion for helping people achieve.
5.Peter Bays, former property director at the Burton Group & the Stevenage Initiative & Small Business Advisory Centre, he is an entrepreneur who coaches young businesses and people to success.
6.Paul Channon, an IT Consultant who has worked on major projects for international companies, been Director of a National Charity and compliments that with being a therapist.

The purpose of this blog? To make you aware of a model of community support and encourage your support as an attendee and contributor, at Clophill or in your local community that is and will be warmth through transition.


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