People and Business Matters – Getting Your Needs Met

I have been combining my business, psychological and inner guidance system (which some call spirit work) together for sometime now. It can be a challenge to cope with misconceptions and prejudices as everyone seems to be an expert. The simple truth is that the work that I have been taught to use is person centrered, encourages personal democracy and practical action. It works for my clients and I will keep ‘keeping it simple’.

Part of that simplicity comes from working with the Human Givens principles, which for me work at an appropriate, simple and direct level. The premise is simply that when the average person is getting their innate physical and emotional needs met in a healthily and in a balanced way they will be mentally, emotionally and as is increasingly apparent, physically healthy too.

 Over the 10 to 15 years that I have been working with the principles, numerous scientists and psychologists have identified the basic givens of human nature which everyone needs to have addressed and satisfied in their life if they wish to function and perform well.

I have also seen numerous new approaches come and go, NLP rise and descend, CBT, RBET and so it goes on change, better, faster, and yet it does not move to simplicity. Working on the 80:20 Pareto rule (Yeah, ok it be management buzz speak, but it has a basic spiritual and psychological truth too – Google it!), keep init simple works. Those of us attending the Vision Quest, before even arriving on the land are already experiencing the deep simplicity.

So why change what works? The answer is don’t especially as the givens also include helping to identify the innate resources available to the individual that can be engaged in helping them in getting those needs met.

How do I start with that? Simple, The Emotional Needs Audit (ENA) is a simple diagnostic questionnaire developed by the HG Institute, which is proving to be a valuable tool since it rapidly highlights where the potential problems in an individual’s life might be.

When I as a human givens therapist help and enable an individual to overcome distress, I will focus on helping the individual to get their essential emotional needs met, authentically and in a balanced way. The I will not just focus on the psychological symptoms.

As the HG Institute notes “Interestingly, when the patient’s emotional needs are attended to their presenting problem often falls away by itself, and unexplained physical symptoms sometimes resolve as well”.

An increasing number of doctors now use the Emotional Needs Audit form with both their patients and staff.




The next People and Business Matters event will be more practical based; using the ENA (Emotional Needs Audit) and techniques for overcoming the annoying habits, starting with the nagging voice in your head (unless that nagging voice is mine, in which case for some of you who know me well, it will remain).

See you Friday 26th, 7.00pm Clophill Centre. Bring a sense of humour and/or a friend.


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