Sacred Space

September 21, 2013


I am pondering the nature of Sacred Space. For me, it maybe be a physical place, but it need not be, for I know it to be the space between my understanding and my courage to discover more. For me it is a place somewhere between my head and gut, where the Divine Spark beats.

A place where I can dare to be unsure, self critical and afraid without judgement. It is where ideas, creativity and reassurance can come from and is what I have come to know as my inner guidance system (IGS).

It is here that my imagination and inspiration can be stimulated, where I can explore my curiosity and feel the collaborative co-operation of IGS (or Iggsie as I often refer to what for me has taken on the personality of a tough, but benevolent female!)

Is it guided imagery? Is that Spirit? Is it a Spirit Guide? I can’t answer that, it is for you alone to decide. I can sense that it brings me comfort, I am never alone and it feels so much like that unseen friends of my childhood are present with me the adult.

I do know that through my studies, psychology, physiology, spirituality (that is mind, body and soul) all seem to acknowledge the existence of such a place, and that feels cool.