Good Morning Celebrity – Dr Raj Persaud

Rock on

Rock on

Recently, I had the pleasure to be taught by the engaging TV personality, Dr Raj Persaud.

He talked about people being on of past, present and future time orientated, describing how highly motivated and successful people were more likely to reside in one particular time zone.

My understanding is that he explained that:

1. People focusing in the past, tend to stay stuck.
2. Present orientated people enjoy the ‘cocaine rush’ of the moment.
3. Future orientated people worry.

Which did he say was the most successful?

I think I must have time zoned out at that point and gone to that most special place, somewhere, somehow, in between those three, the fourth dimension of time, lost in LaLaLa Land.

I am not sure which he said would be the most successful one, he seemed to suggest that success was fame and fortune. That’s not my definition.

For me time is about having a balance, of telling an enabling story about where you have been and of where you are going, yet taking time on that journey to enjoy the experience. Like smelling the roses or clearing up and digging in the manure, and planting little seeds, who seem to just know innately how to grow and be successful.

I know that some just want to get straight to end zone. I like and prefer the side shows, the dramas, the putting of a penny in the old man’s hat.

The old ways talked of seven generations; of paying attention and learning from the three before us, of taking action now, as the present generation on behalf of the three generations still to come.

Seems cool.

I think I should be on TV as “Pratt Spouts Crap”.


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