Are you getting ENUF?


The case to answer
This case concerns a member of our species, wishing to summon the ‘Housework Fairy’ to attend to her needs. It is a cautionary tale and follows, by way of a narrative public information broadcast, the line of ‘don’t make yourself useless or lazy and especially don’t assume you are deserving’.

The narrative continues is the style of a ‘Hill Street Blues’ briefing ………

Narrator:Summoning? Sounds like a slavery issue. I will arrange for the to join ENUF (Eternally Nocturnal Union of Fairies). We want shift and night premiums, less feeding on the wing, ring fencing and an end to summoning by foot stamping. Disenfranchised Fairies everywhere are shouting “we are not getting ENUF”.

The retort
The specimen, a beautiful, vivacious and intelligent and kindly girl replied reassuringly that she only ever “Summoned Respectfully”. The wizened, old grumpy man continued;

Narrator:Respectfully Summon? Now how would you do that comrade ? Clap hands? Stamp Feet? Do a little dance? Get down tonight?

Two cases have recently been brought to the of the National Operations Team of ENUF (NOT ENUF).

The first involved in mischievous wee male Mouse, lets call him Mickey or maybe Walt, a Sorcerers Apprentice with chores to do. He summoned our members with some odd refrain and disaster ensured. Wet washing with water everywhere. Even the accompanying music was driving and forceful.

This is the Teams review of the video evidence and their findings

Now the word summon has two particular meetings. To order, as in “we politely and respectfully order, please, all you naughty English Criminals go to the other side of the world” or “please jump up and sit comfortably in the electric chair”.

Or the other meaning of the word you have of summon is as in call up, galvanise or bring to the fore the special powers we have inside ourselves (of which you are one of the most resourceful species our members have ever known).

Following on from that the other case concerned a beautiful young lady, lets call her Snow White, who was serving the needs of little ones. The vulnerable ones should always come first, so please ensure when calling on the nature and goodwill of our members, you do with a clear and useful intent in mind.

Again here is the evidence, please read the words and captions.

So in this age of enlightened, independent, conservationism we suggest a polite request “give me the strength to do what I must, with good cheer and if it is worthy, please ensure I have Just ENUF”.

Our members are sure to pop up everywhere. That’s FAIR ENUF.

Any suggestion implied or otherwise that young males can be lazy, inept and destructive, whilst ladies are resourceful, engaging and focused, is wholly intentional.


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