Teach the Little Ones Well

Me and my Ted

It is interesting that those in charge of our children’s education are planning to re- introduce the old exam based style of obtaining GCSE. I guess things go in cycles and we should be willing to revisit the old ways willingly.

I think that given business and the economy have a lot to say on what they need in order to further the English Gross National Product. That sadly is what our children primarily seem to represent; their ability to consume and produce. The simple fact is without both those abilities our economy fails to grow and it seems our social structure then collapses.

It has been muted that the Government wishes to measure the nations success on the basis of happiness. That it intrigues me, like many others, with the question ‘what is happiness?’ I am not sure.

What I am clear on is that us adults, which presumably includes the Educational Services, should be seeking to produce healthy youngsters, who are prepared to leave the nest by being;

Self directed, goal seeking and able to form and sustain relationships. They should be curious about others and the works they live, be persevering and preserving, whilst being capable of being reasonably resilient, most of the time. This means that despite life’s challenges, they are resourceful, flexible and persistent.

Of course that’s what we all need in order to be contented, to produce and consume sensibly.


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