Personal Democracy

May 26, 2014


For me, Personal Democracy is about how individuals can shape their lives and contribute to/be an active and useful part of the system(s) to which they belong – those systems might be friends, family, work, political or universal.

Personal Democracy is about what we are willing to add into a system and what it is we need to take out from it.

It is about the choices each of us decide on as we make sense out of the interaction between our internal and our external worlds, and the compromise we make from being an individual yet at the same time part of a collective.

The systems we become a part of are normally built on what makes them different from other systems. Democracy is about how personally we (or a society collectively) can successfully reconcile those differences. Therefore democracy does not mean you will ‘get your way’, but it does imply you can adjust to the system and successfully tolerate the frustrations from interacting with it.

In some ways the authorities of old are losing their credibility and power. That does not mean they are or were wrong, just that things will be different. What is important is that we understand our own internal source of authority, finding out where to invest the trust we place and how to appraise the authorities we give it to.

These authorities are often paternal and set goals of ‘we will get engagement from (long list such as; voters, staff, parents, etc.)’ Personal Democracy suggests it is individuals that should be active and engaging.

It is also about the new ways of communicating and interfacing and yet again at the same time the old ways of understanding.

It is about personal development.