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I am told that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’ (Socrates, coined some long time ago!)



But what makes a well lived life? What does it mean? All of the jobs, with large pay, that you have listed on Linkedin? The number of friends or likes you have on Facebook? Or the speed with which you can Twitter and claim your share of the socially networked world?

I am then reminded of the story of the student looking to get enlightenment. She seeks out the master, living on a mountain and finds him carrying a huge burden on his back, up the path.

‘What is enlightenment like?’ she asks. Without speaking, the master sighs and puts down the pack. She gets the message immediately. ‘Wonderful!’ she exclaims ‘but what happens after enlightenment?’ she further inquired. The master sighed, silently again, picked up the burden and continued on his path.

The psychologists Panskeep (2004) and Emmons (1999) tell us that, to give meaning to and reach contentment in, our lives, we need to both seek and achieve. I add ‘and then seek again’.

Perseverance in continued growth, to coin the great philosopher, Punch ‘that’s the way to do it!’ Do you want to find the way?





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