Mutuality for Social Action – we are never absolutely free

5329871139_03cd4e8dd3_zThe human has, relatively, attained in the last 150 years that which they have often sung about, yearned for and claimed to desire above all things; freedom. Although not perfect, we, particularly, in the West are less subservient and freer from the absolutism of princes and the determination of religion than we have ever been before.

But, freed from the judgement of both, the Western Human has discovered that not having ‘moral dictatorship’ and not having to be ‘well behaved citizens’, means we must work out for ourselves what the rules are for social co-operation. We must take personal responsibility, lead ourselves and act accordingly. Praxeology is the idea that humans always act purposefully, with a goal in mind and in the process of working out what we should now do,  that is steeling our values, has caused as to fret and fracture amongst ourselves.

Without direction on how to act, we suddenly realise that the concepts of what is good or bad, fair or unfair, truth or lies,  and what we are willing to do in response, must be worked out by ourselves, which where true healing lies. In the 1980’s, we were taught that it was the price that we were willing to pay for the tangible goods and services we consumed. But it was never just that. There are a whole host of intangible, value judgements and reflexive responses we make too, before we decide and act. The fret and the fractures make it seem almost like it has become too much for us personally to deal with (before we even consider the needs and views of others, we need to socially co-operate with!)

This is because the idea of ‘absolute freedom’ is a falsehood. We must all compromise something to be effective; a parent to their children; a worker to their market; or a vulnerable person to their carer’s benevolence. This implies two things for healing the fret and fracture: 1. We need to know what the rules (or values) of exchange are 2. We should seek mutuality in all things i.e. to leave each other feeling good after each interaction.

The economic price is rarely ever the only factor that drives our decision making  (if you meet someone for whom it is, I suspect you will enjoy very few transactions with such an individual), so make sure you understand that we cannot be absolutely free, so we should work out what our values, needs and contributions are and understand the same for others. Then in all things you do, seek much local influence as possible, that is where the value of true mutuality lies. And remember, words do not matter, only action does.




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