Neigbour Disputes – “She’s offside Referee!”

April 20, 2019

Neighbour Disputes

One of the key factors in mediating and resolving neighbour disputes is having lived experience that enables a liberal, objective and local approach to be agreed.

The referee or mediate can do the deal if the parties are fair minded.

A good referee or mediator brings community harmony. This is because, unresolved long running neighbour disputes can waste community resources, upset other residents and led to unnecessary and unpleasant experiences.

The Adept Living Foundation (‘ALF’) Community Interest Company is coming up to the end of its second year of providing and developing peer support services to the community.

Alongside developing peer support groups, a peer support certificate and an enterprise arm to fund its community activities, ALF has introduced a local cost ‘Neighbour Dispute Mediation Service’. Such a service under pins ALF’s members desire to live and contribute to harmonious community.

‘Lived experience’ is the term to describe how, especially those of us who are more senior (!), by virtue of existed amongst others and in the world, we will have needed to address and resolve certain challenges.

For example, having lived through a neighbour dispute and mediated, then negotiated, a confidential settlement, will provide the mediator with empathy for how challenging such matters maybe. The impact on the wider community can be unfair and distressing.

In ALF we always take a or an:

  1. Liberal Viewpoint – which is that everyone is supported until they can develop their own healthy beliefs and values, and to be responsible and accountable for their life, emotions and actions.
  2. Objective Approach – meaning that the overall aspiration is that decision making, and action taking, should be unbiased and not influenced by personal feelings or opinions, but just a proper consideration and representation of the facts.
  3. Local Focus – this means considering all the impact on the neighbourhood and residents, who may unfairly be dragged in to a dispute which is private and should be contained.

Our local politicians, administrators, police and news makers have a duty to contain the fall out. Truthful, reconciled and peaceful communities should be their aim.

ALF will do its part by offering low cost neighbour dispute mediation and fully funded family child contact meditation.