About Eisba

Welcome, in fun, in learning, and  with kindness, warmth and care.

Stuck an unable to move forward. Trapped by a difficult boss, a challenging relationship, wounds from the past or a lack of confidence in your skills? I am a guide and I help you find straight forward and clear paths through.

I do three things for my clients; help them: recover from stress and traumas of life; develop personal and relationship skills; and act to have effective in their careers and businesses.

Eisba is the name gifted to me. ‘Eis’ is a reminder, in the Latin form that all the work I do is on behalf of others. That work, or calling, is about supporting people through life’s changes, challenges and transitions.


Growing up in Hertfordshire, I enjoyed sunny days, lying back gazing at the windblown clouds, as they filled and passed busily through the sky whilst I dreamed. In my more active moments, I paddled in the spring filled brook, shaping clay structures; dams, cities and tiny worlds too.

Such creativity become lost to me as I moved from boy to man, worker to director, father to grandfather, only being re-captured once I discovered myself, gazing into a fire. That Fire transformed everything; my qualified business experience, turned into trained psychologist, counsellor and coach, and lately to Harley Street practitioner and lecturer.

Simultaneously and tumultuously, I was reconnected with the age old sense of Nature and Spirit (whatsoever, whomsoever, it matters not) that which I knew so well in my young age and which I came to know as and call my inner guidance system (“Iggsy”).

Journeyman – Positive Ways

So it is with great joy that “Eis” accepts the role “Tea Boy” and the task of journeyman, guide and sometimes Sherpa or simple companion for those on their own path or way, who want their own personal democracy and to use their own inner guidance system to navigate through their own life – business, career, relationships, parenthood – changes (Rites of Passage they are sometimes called) including up to the final exit, stage left or right!

This is about making sense of your world (meaning), having clear direction (purpose), a grasp of who you are (self-awareness) and an ability to engage socially, thereby resolving tensions between self and others (mutuality).

Peering into the future – Adept Living Foundation (ALF) CIC

We all have the right to life, liberty and personal property and thereby to be treated with dignity. In Peer support, there is no hierarchy. We lead ourselves, as equals, and deliver mutual aid to each other.

Peer Support is a place of deep and transformational learning.

Creating for the now – Building Empowered Social Systems (BESS) Initiative

There are simply two things that we deserve and that flow from life, liberty and personal property; to be informed and to have suitable care. Informed care should be a given, which is part of my aim, in my work. This is particularly so concerning trauma, which can interfere with personal learning and development.

More of us suffer with trauma than is reasonably recognised.  Trauma Informed Care is essential, since unresolved trauma can interfere with personal learning and development, effect careers and damage family, community and business interests.

Business and all that – Just Clarity 

My focus has become Social Entrepreneurship that is how my work can create social value with the structure of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ that is a focus on three ‘Ps’ – Profit, People and Planet. Profit is not just about financial value, it also about creating social value.

Nothing is too serious

As for “Ba”? That is the sound made to indicate we should not take anything too seriously! Neither should we! And so gentle nurturing humour is my way too. Sometimes, appropriately, this becomes more raucous and clown like, led through my good friend, Ludo Crass.

Ludo is a great, fun game, of circles, squares and movement, which depends on playing the roll of your dice well, whilst accepting that being way head can still result in you being knocked back into losing. Playing your circumstances well and taking your knock backs, what a great game!

Crass sometimes means being a little indelicate! A true sense of real Anarchy, as in trusting people to make good choices that suit them, is for me, a healthy way. Sometimes, Ludo in his Crassness may point out things that are absurd, especially those that truly seem ludicrous. He is though, gentle and warmth through your challenges is my promise!

Flip the coin and of course life and business can be serious. My clients draw down on my knowledge and experience, knowing what I stand for. That I am solid and that I will back them fully. My degree of soft skills, intuition and humour enhances my hard business acumen further.

I am the fun loving child, close to nature and in awe of it, who laughs at life with all seriousness in people, business and planetary matters. Simple!

Between the worlds

The work, for me, is to stand, with courage, between the serious and the ludicrous, the business and natural, the old ways and the new ways and to support others in their transitions. A great mentor wrote of me “Your warriorhood is the kind that keeps the margins safe for others to walk”. If that continues to be so, I will be truly humbled and grateful.

Nothing needs to be on a grand scale. Lots of small, incremental changes are healthy. The Japanese call it Kaizen.

Find out more about me:

  1. Personal Development http://www.positiveways.co.uk
  2. Executive Coach & Business Lecturer www.keithabrahams.com
  3. Therapeutic Coach http://www.keithabrahams.live

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