Are you getting ENUF?

October 31, 2013


The case to answer
This case concerns a member of our species, wishing to summon the ‘Housework Fairy’ to attend to her needs. It is a cautionary tale and follows, by way of a narrative public information broadcast, the line of ‘don’t make yourself useless or lazy and especially don’t assume you are deserving’.

The narrative continues is the style of a ‘Hill Street Blues’ briefing ………

Narrator:Summoning? Sounds like a slavery issue. I will arrange for the to join ENUF (Eternally Nocturnal Union of Fairies). We want shift and night premiums, less feeding on the wing, ring fencing and an end to summoning by foot stamping. Disenfranchised Fairies everywhere are shouting “we are not getting ENUF”.

The retort
The specimen, a beautiful, vivacious and intelligent and kindly girl replied reassuringly that she only ever “Summoned Respectfully”. The wizened, old grumpy man continued;

Narrator:Respectfully Summon? Now how would you do that comrade ? Clap hands? Stamp Feet? Do a little dance? Get down tonight?

Two cases have recently been brought to the of the National Operations Team of ENUF (NOT ENUF).

The first involved in mischievous wee male Mouse, lets call him Mickey or maybe Walt, a Sorcerers Apprentice with chores to do. He summoned our members with some odd refrain and disaster ensured. Wet washing with water everywhere. Even the accompanying music was driving and forceful.

This is the Teams review of the video evidence and their findings

Now the word summon has two particular meetings. To order, as in “we politely and respectfully order, please, all you naughty English Criminals go to the other side of the world” or “please jump up and sit comfortably in the electric chair”.

Or the other meaning of the word you have of summon is as in call up, galvanise or bring to the fore the special powers we have inside ourselves (of which you are one of the most resourceful species our members have ever known).

Following on from that the other case concerned a beautiful young lady, lets call her Snow White, who was serving the needs of little ones. The vulnerable ones should always come first, so please ensure when calling on the nature and goodwill of our members, you do with a clear and useful intent in mind.

Again here is the evidence, please read the words and captions.

So in this age of enlightened, independent, conservationism we suggest a polite request “give me the strength to do what I must, with good cheer and if it is worthy, please ensure I have Just ENUF”.

Our members are sure to pop up everywhere. That’s FAIR ENUF.

Any suggestion implied or otherwise that young males can be lazy, inept and destructive, whilst ladies are resourceful, engaging and focused, is wholly intentional.


Good Morning Celebrity – Dr Raj Persaud

October 26, 2013
Rock on

Rock on

Recently, I had the pleasure to be taught by the engaging TV personality, Dr Raj Persaud.

He talked about people being on of past, present and future time orientated, describing how highly motivated and successful people were more likely to reside in one particular time zone.

My understanding is that he explained that:

1. People focusing in the past, tend to stay stuck.
2. Present orientated people enjoy the ‘cocaine rush’ of the moment.
3. Future orientated people worry.

Which did he say was the most successful?

I think I must have time zoned out at that point and gone to that most special place, somewhere, somehow, in between those three, the fourth dimension of time, lost in LaLaLa Land.

I am not sure which he said would be the most successful one, he seemed to suggest that success was fame and fortune. That’s not my definition.

For me time is about having a balance, of telling an enabling story about where you have been and of where you are going, yet taking time on that journey to enjoy the experience. Like smelling the roses or clearing up and digging in the manure, and planting little seeds, who seem to just know innately how to grow and be successful.

I know that some just want to get straight to end zone. I like and prefer the side shows, the dramas, the putting of a penny in the old man’s hat.

The old ways talked of seven generations; of paying attention and learning from the three before us, of taking action now, as the present generation on behalf of the three generations still to come.

Seems cool.

I think I should be on TV as “Pratt Spouts Crap”.

Magic Moments

October 9, 2013
Bare footing, light and easy.

Bare footing, light and easy.

Why is so easy to forget the simplest of things? Andy Williams reminds of those ‘Magic Moments’?

For me like the small boy crafting clay dams in the brook filled with wonder, the fit warrior strong, brave and full of energy and the young (then less so young) father smiling over each and everyone of the five bundles, full of joy and love and courage.

In these moments I am enabled, full of potential, again, ready to meet the world and work out how to be a grandfather and an elder, even walk across hot coals!

Now that’s shape shifting.

Oh and remember God(dess) gave us memories so we can smell Roses in December.

The Sweat Lodge at Clophill

October 8, 2013


The sweat lodge is a place to cleanse the body, the mind, emotions and of course the spirit. The Clophill Centre is working towards making ceremony and ritual part of everyday life in a gentle, effective and simple way. It does not matter if you experience and understand that as a purely cognitive and physical process, as part of the trance or human inner guidance system or if you connect at a deep spiritual level. It is the cleansing and the time to do it with that you reward yourself with that matters. It is a time to become mindful, of yourself and others, so etiquette is simple, gentle, but important.

Sweat Lodges have been common in Briton and the British tradition it seems is similar to others around like the Scandinavian and Native American, but (of course) we have our own style, way of doing things and work with the ways and energies of this land.

Clophill honours the beauty of the old ways, but recognises that the new and developing ways, especially in psychology and healing, mean we choose to bring our unique approach to the work. In that work we seek to bring together the language of those with a purely cognitive approach and those with a spiritual way. We respect both and the democracy of the individual to work as best suits them.

Part of the purpose of the Clophill Centre is to find the ways in which those of us who live in the land (We call Albion) can connect with this land. We are seeking to do that and we do not claim that this is the best way, right way or that it follows any traditions or specific ways (for which we understand there are many). You are part of the unfolding and development of our ceremony and ways. Thank you for that.

During the process a Fire will be lit, Stones will be heated, the Earth will be sat on and Water wiill meet the hot stones and the Air to meet steam. So who is that runs that process for you?

Fire Keeper and Guardian of the Land: Richard Diss

Richard Diss is your host and guardian of the land. He is an initiated Fire Keeper within the Sacred Fire Community and has many years of experience working the land.The Sacred Fire Community works from Clophill so please be aware that offerings are in keeping with that tradition are honoured.

Pouring the waters: Keith Abrahams

The pouring of the waters is important, because it regulates the heat in conjunction with the elements of course, which is the metaphor for your emotional processing too. Keith is qualified to hold those emotions.

Meet Richard and Keith

Like in all healing ceremonies, it is important to know who you have entrusted yourself to. Feel free to ask Richard or Keith anything you wish to, who will, when you first meet for the first time, tell you about the work that they do. If at any time you ever (in any healing situation at all), have any questions or wish to slow down, withdraw or go home, you should do so confidently and with our honour and respect

Purpose; respect, release and replenish yourself and the land: You and Clophill

The sweating process is designed to relax and loosen the individual up and It is a time to respect yourself, your feelings and your development, and allow the emotional “stuff” that may come up to process through. You can contact and speak with Keith anytime that you need to.

The sweat is a time to just be and replenish. Keith will talk more about intention and attention and how we bring that to the work, but intention, if it is clean, will lead to a clean outcome, providing the attention is right. There is no need to test your endurance and our etiquette is gentle and set out below.

We bring attention through (what Jung might call) our Body (the five senses), our Mind (your thoughts and imagination), Intuition (you guessed it! Or did you already know it?) and our Emotions. These are represented by the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water (all of which we meet in the lodge!) and the directions, North, East, South and West.

We will also meet the (Jungian psychology) Archetypal energies, some might call it our imagination and others may call Saints, Angels, Guides or imagination – it’s all good and of course we meet the Ancestors, those who have done the work before us  and of course ….. we meet ourselves and each other! We call this our “inner guidance system”. This adds three more directions to be mindful of, all that is Above, all that is Below and all that is Within. But more on that when you wish and speak to Keith and Richard.

During the process, respect for ourselves, each other and the land is essential. Similarly, Confidentiality for and with each other is expected, vital and will be honoured.

Monies: is the energy exchange

Your contribution pays for the food, wood & the use and upkeep of the land and its services. This is a ceremony and our time and energy is gifted as part of honouring the land.

For us a Ceremony is about:

  1. A subtle change in consciousness; for new sources of insight, wisdom & strength (from our inner guidance system.)
  2. It is Sacred in nature of time, space and a celebration of the here and now
  3. Being a Special time for us and the beneficent sources of healing that are open to all of us, if we bring our attention to it.
  4. An opportunity for deeper interconnectedness

It is suggested that you do not eat for about two hours before joining the lodge, but that you drink water. We will eat afterwards and if you wish, bring something small to share. Please bring some wood that you have gathered as an offering for the fire.

Etiquette: this is the Clophill Way

The Clophill Land has a strong connection with Fire and the fire is honoured too. We build the lodge, fire and place the stones on the fire together, with mindfulness. We build and honour and altar, which forma a connection to the lodge. You will be asked not to pass through the line connecting the lodge as it is considered part of our connection.

We go into the lodge Spiritually naked, but physically clothed. Wear shorts, towels (bring a spare towel to dry yourself with), dinner suits or the like that make you feel comfortable with yourself. As you enter the ceremony there will be a cleansing process, called smudging, which helps us to bring our attention to the work.

We enter clock wise, leave anti clockwise and mark our respect by offering up our work as we enter for “All our relations” which for us means everything we are connected to.

The full lodge normally lasts for 3 to 4 rounds. Between each round the door is opened and water is brought in. You should only stay as long as you wish and can leave by simply asking “Door Please” at any point and leave ideally anti clockwise unless the shortest route is essential. Ask for help if you wish.. All we ask is that you only return to the lodge when there is a change of round. The lodge is about being mindful to others too and we should honour others views and space too. That is the exit protocol.

In the rounds we may sing, chant, talk, tell stories and share jokes or personal things. Participate as seems fitting for you.  It will be exactly as you need.

Confidentiality & respect for each other.

Health & Safety

Each of us responsible for appropriate behaviour, ours and others, it comes with the risks associated with everyday being outside, working with others and with hot and wet things.  If it is dark & wet; please tred carefully and use torches.

The lodge is about connecting with nature and is outside bring suitable clothing to honour the season and the time of day, plus implements you may need (torches, spare clothes etc) . Take Jewellery off and wear losing fitting garments.

There is fire, water and hot stones (which have never, but may splinter, which is why they are checked). We will ask you to acknowledge this risk and we will talk to you about it if you have any further questions.

Your work is to honour yourself. It is not an endurance test so leave anytime you wish following the Exit protocol above.

Drink water, so as to avoid dehydration & exhaustion. Be aware of the signs and ask for help if needed. It needs only be a gentle process.

Please advise us of any medical conditions that we may need to take account of; asthma, heart, blood pressure or physical support you may need.

We looking forward to introducing you to the beauty of the the Clophill land, the ways of the lodge and to new parts of yourself.

With warmth and wetness,

Richard & Keith aka Eisba

Sacred Space

September 21, 2013


I am pondering the nature of Sacred Space. For me, it maybe be a physical place, but it need not be, for I know it to be the space between my understanding and my courage to discover more. For me it is a place somewhere between my head and gut, where the Divine Spark beats.

A place where I can dare to be unsure, self critical and afraid without judgement. It is where ideas, creativity and reassurance can come from and is what I have come to know as my inner guidance system (IGS).

It is here that my imagination and inspiration can be stimulated, where I can explore my curiosity and feel the collaborative co-operation of IGS (or Iggsie as I often refer to what for me has taken on the personality of a tough, but benevolent female!)

Is it guided imagery? Is that Spirit? Is it a Spirit Guide? I can’t answer that, it is for you alone to decide. I can sense that it brings me comfort, I am never alone and it feels so much like that unseen friends of my childhood are present with me the adult.

I do know that through my studies, psychology, physiology, spirituality (that is mind, body and soul) all seem to acknowledge the existence of such a place, and that feels cool.

You The Prisoner?

July 14, 2013

Very often, we are the judge, the jury and the guards creating the prison of our own purpose or essence. This essence is simply who were are designed to be (some call it soul). It can not be harmed, but it can be placed in the protective (or constrictive) custody of our well honed personality or the patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours we adopt. This personality might be likened to a space suit (at least Earth suit?) of our body, built for our soul to dance in. It reminds me of the old tale.

Once there was a young Sufi who was captured by the police and falsely accused of theft. Despite his protests of innocence he was convicted and sentenced to three years in jail. His guards were assigned to keep him enclosed night and day, preventing him from using his full range of skills. He was a skilled metal smith and could make the most wonderful of trinkets, tools and talents.

He had a loving wife who visited him every day, who pleaded with the Caliph to allow the Sufi to have a prayer mat. This was a legitimate and lawful request which was permitted by the overly strict, but well meaning King.

A kindly man, the Sufi spoke with the impoverished guards, who by the nature of their limitations had been compelled to guard the prisoner and stay in the compound 24-7. They were prisoners too, just with TV to watch, wine to drink and girlfriend’s to see. They had simply fashioned distractions to cope.

The Sufi just had his prayer mat, his dedicated focus and prayer. Three times a day he would unroll the carpet, then kneeling and bowing down, he would pray. Weeks and months passed in this manner.

Then, befriending the guards, he persuaded them to bring in tin and the Sufi crafted trinkets, tools and talents, which the guards sold and shared the profits of. With new wealth the guards realised they too were trapped by the prisoner and could not spend their wealth freely. The Sufi just prayed, kneeling and putting his forehead to the carpet, three times a day.

One day the intricate pattern of the carpet’s weaving caught his notice. There was something unusual about it. Still, day after day, he prayed and gradually the intricate detail of the carpet began to make sense to him. As the days passed and he continued to pray, the pattern resolved until one day it was clear to him. The pattern in the weaving was the design of the lock on his prison door. Using his new knowledge he fashioned a key from tin and escaped to the arms of his wife.

Freed and wealthier, the Guards lived happily ever after.

Reflections: Counselling, Teaching, Healing and Coaching

March 20, 2013


I have trained in a various disciplines and in a number of different methods. I enjoy the challenge of continually learning and experiencing, and in the process sharing that and knowledge with those I work with. If we wish to be practitioners in the arts of counselling, teaching, healing and coaching, we need to be clear on where our values and beliefs stand.

As I have considered that, meeting and being taught by experts, exponents and influential thinkers, it has become apparent to me that any attempt to isolate mind, body and spirit into component parts or to insist that there are clear boundaries between counselling, teaching, healing and coaching, is normally done to suit the needs of the practitioner and not the client.

I often hear such statements as Business Coaches don’t do therapy!” or “The Executive Coach fee needs to be very high otherwise they are no good!” and Spiritual stuff is fluffy mumbo jumbo” (by the way the Vatican is the most effective, resourceful and business like organisation in the world!) and I am advised to behave to the norm to sell myself; that is to be clinical, business minded and charge a large fee, whilst denying my core understanding that all individuals need an individual and personal approach. What they believe, think, feel and what to say is vital.

I have been and can be the hard-nosed business coach (and person), especially if that is what my client needs, I will match them. I understand that people often have hurts and anguish from the past or about the future, and I will stand there with them and offer comfort, reassurance and timely observations on how to move on; some call that healing, which they think that coaches should never do it (or worse that it is invalid). That’s not my experience.

Of course healing approaches vary; some peers need simple first aid, a sticking plaster approach others need or wish for something more and deeper. Consider how frequently the news is full of the costs to the work place of stress or how emotional and mental health issues adversely affect us in society. It wont take much to link the different needs.

The research also shows that those who have some form of faith, tend to be more mentally and emotionally resilient. My understanding is that when we have a belief in something bigger than we are, it keeps us psychologically healthy. That often is a religion, but need not be. Some people wish to explore their spirituality and I have enjoyed working with all faiths and beliefs – they have a tremendous amount of similarity and often are best explained in simple terms – those practitioners wishing to support their clients need to have explored, concluded and yet remain open minded and open hearted in supporting their clients.

For me, Spirit is about direction, growth and energy, whilst Soul is about our depth of self knowing, meaning and the mysteries of what we do not yet know.

My core approach is to teach personal democracy, that the client is responsible for themselves and for how they use their resources (which are many and varied). I also understand that all of us need help sometimes; to feel cared for, supported, to experience healing , to be taught and shown and sometimes to be encouraged and challenged by a counsellor, teacher, healer and coach. Why do we not deserve that? We all have different issues, different needs at different times in different situations – yes we deserve it!

What should the price be? A fair rate that reflects my training, experience and willingness to keep doing so, treading the paths before my clients have and adding value to the help they need. It’s a price that enables me to meet my living costs and keeps me fresh and available for my clients. It’s not a marketing ploy to flatter egos of those spending other people money (normally shareholders). It reflects the value that my clients receive and in that way it is win-win.

That done, it’s a living that provides sufficiently allow me keep doing the work for as long as it is of use.

“Let me tell you a story …….” – Archetypes in and at work …..

January 10, 2013


As my career developed, both as a senior director and as coach, I became increasingly aware of the different roles that I, my staff and my clients played in their lives. That understanding grew as I learnt more about psychology, the human spirit and what moves (and blocks us!).

Yes I learnt all about Force Field Analysis, looking at the factors (forces) that influence a situation, either work or social and I looked  at forces that are either drive (helping forces) or block movement (hindering forces) toward a goal.  It has, and continues to be helpful.

But it seemed still seemed so many of those forces were ‘below the surface’, hidden and not apparent to the MBA manager.

I also noticed that some the constant change in an organisation, often necessary due to outside pressures on the system, exhausted staff and brought to the fore resistances that were not previously obvious. I wanted to be a better manager, to help staff and people transits’ through make change, cope and more, become resilient.

I listened, learned and I started to understand how important stories were, not just in communicating to each other, but also in understanding and expressing ourselves. The myths we tell and the roles we played all formed part of the forces that either hindered or drove on the change programs, personal or organisational.

I was reminded of the work of the psychologist, Karl Jung (whose influence extended to all of the personality trait systems now used (Myers Biggs, Enneagram, Prism) who talked of ‘Archetypes’ to describe these different roles or characters we play in our own myth. The best way for me to describe an archetype is as the pattern of behavior that we adopt and use, sometimes without even consciously knowing it.

And even though we do not consciously know it, because these roles and patterns are so ingrained in the human psyche, those around us (who form part of the system we work in and the forces that are applied to us) will even know ‘unconsciously’ too that we are playing those characters; they will respond in kind. Jung called this common understanding, irrepressible out playing of roles that we all have bought unwittingly into, the ‘collective unconscious’

In particular, I noticed that when working on a project that I could be an MBA and apply Belbin’s team role theory (see below), but that rational approach masked the impact that the hidden, sub plot many played out alongside their overt team role.

I came to understand some of these roles as the Victim, Saboteur, Child and Prostitute. Then I begun to understand more about the more hidden, or deep forces to our project(s) and its development.  I found coaching my clients around these initial archetypes moved them on.

People and Business Change (Ching Ching) Matters – Has your teacher appeared?

December 13, 2012

I have worked on a number of change management programs on behalf of companies and as a therapist and coach with individuals who are trying to create change in their lives too. As I also teach and lecture in the subject too I am always seeking ways in which to link my management-therapy and tutoring experience. In education terms this would be called deep learning, whereby the learner is seeking to add meaning into the material they are studying.

The other kinds of learning are surface (glean the minimum amount to, say, pass an exam) and strategic, which is not as glamorous as it sounds and normally involves planning carefully the approach to study and allocate the time – planned might be a better description. But I digress……

My main point is that company change programs could be considered very similar to personal change programs, and just maybe the former would work much better if companies paid attention to the amount of personal change that is often needed in order for a business to succeed. The enlightened ones might even recognise that constant personal change in their employees (an iterative process) would create the business change they need, before they need it (or ideally just in time) and without the big bust up.

I will illustrate my point by drawing down on Balogun and Hope’s model, which sets out the seven aspects of the context of change management issues:

a. Time available – most companies, as alluded to above, approach change in a rush. Normally the change is dictated to by some outside pressure, stakeholders who might include shareholders, customers or the government. They are often acting from a place of crises and that is the way that many clients first approach me. In crises.

Clients in crises can be quickly supported, which is the benefit of approaching a therapist trained in brief therapy (and coaching) solution methods and can find their immediate issues resolved quickly. This is the surface level of processing.

Some, the more enlightened of course, come more strategically minded, planning with a vision of where they want to be. Coaching supports that too. Some of course want to go “deep” and learn fully about themselves. Some call or consider this to be of a spiritual nature. Who knows if that is so, it matters not. Because sometimes……

b. Preservation is essential -there will be aspects of the organisation or individual that need to hold on and possibly built up or upon. If change management processes can be likened to ‘rites of passage’ then being able to spot what a needs holding on to, and ideally building it in advance of the change are essential. Strategic planning is as relevant for the individual as it is for the organisation! And part of that preserving involves the corollary…..

c. Diversity. Organisation has whole policies talking about how they ‘value diversity’ and that has a payback. It is interesting to note that the English Ash is likely to be more robust than the European species because of its diversity, it mixes of ancestors. Is that not the very essence of what it is to be English, this mongrel race?

For clients the kind of diversity I would coach and counsel would be around having a wide range of experiences and seeking out varied onions and debates. That always widens our horizons and of course our……..

d. Capabilities, which are the resources that we have at our disposal to make the change that is necessary in our lives. The greater the stock of resources that we develop and foster, the greater will be our ability to respond to change, successfully taking advantage of opportunities.
This why companies should pay attention to their stock of capabilities, which of course they often call their “Human Resources” because that is where spare…….

e. Capacity comes from. No organisation should (although many do) endeavour to put into place a change program unless they can resource it properly. For them spare capacity often means allotting a project team, a project manager and the suitable budget too. Most dispense with this and then wonder why they fail and their stock of personal resources and often stakeholders, like customers, become depleted. That is due to poor……..

f. Management. Without the authority and power to drive through the changes they want, managers ill fail and so will their organisations.

Similarly it is not unusual to find that clients have come to me because they have been told they need to by another – this is disempowering because as they old adage asks – how many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to really want to change!

And that is what happens. Firstly the light bulb (aka Client) does not want to change and frequently, it is the commissioner of the change (some greater power than they are!) has directed it. In my experience it is the commissioners that are in at least equally need of the change.

So that change is often forced upon the unsuspecting and those that are going to do the work namely the…….

g. Workforce is not ready for it. Unreadiness is not a good state with which to plan change. It will result in, at best, surface learning only. Another adage says the when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. Maybe, but which would also be making the steps, seeking out our teachers on behalf of our organisation, ourselves and if we are commissioners, those we care for to prepare for change and be healthy.

What does being healthy mean; having in place a (corporate or individual) personality that is self-directed, relational and goal directed, centrered on the present, curious, persevering and resilient – that is having a flexible, resourceful and persistent – approach to challenges. That’s what I teach as a Manager, Coach, Tutor and Counsel.

Has your teacher appeared yet?

Firewalk, Vision Quest and Sweat Lodge – Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

December 3, 2012

Much like the fabled Emerald City, The Clophill Centre is known as the place of “Wow” and many have been wooed by both its place and sense of community, both of which meet in the teaching and healing the facilitators bring. Of course, sometimes that means facing the lions, tigers and bears!

The Clophill tradition of teaching and healing continued (and lions tigers and bears where met) during the recent spirited weekend where, led by Richard Diss, Sheelagh Keddie and Keith Abrahams, a group of questers came together, bonded and in order to set off down their own yellow brick road!

Unlike poor Dorothy, winded and dumped into oblivion to find her guides and confidants, the questers were met with Richard’s congeniality, the perfect host and the bonding started in a supportive circle, where hopes, dreams, fears and hurts were confidentially, confidently and compassionately shared.

From that safe place in community, the questers were left to explore, find and prepare their place on the land; the place that would hold them over night whilst they faced their lions and tigers – their personal fears and challenges. Together they fashioned a natural gateway, an exit from the tameness of community and entrance into the wild of the land.

But none of us can leave without ever having arrived. And we can arrive if we have been successful to a great extent. Invariably “moving on” involves letting go, not just letting go of that which “no longer serves us”, but also of the stuff that has served us well, could still serve us well, but keeps us limited from a greater potential, we tend to grow when we are challenged and adopt new ways. In stepping home Dorothy had to leave the comfort of the magic shoes behind – they were only borrowed anyway!

So the questers were invited, led by Sheelagh weaving her magic, to celebrate all they had and achieved with a dance around and with the Fire. As they danced and celebrated and their energy matched the burning coals, they become light and focused; they gathered their intent and walked bare foot across the hot coals! Whooping and cheering, releasing and freeing! They had much to celebrate together! And yet they knew that the silence of the night would come. Dorothy also had to leave Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion behind.

As the coals died, they left quietly and gathered together, in silence, in circle. As the darkness deepened with their breathing, they become reflective. The anticipation grew as one by one, alone they left the circle, walked through their exit and out to the land, to take their place, like Dorothy in the balloon…

Their place, where they sat with themselves and nature listened, reviewed and re-wrote their personal histories. That story is theirs to tell – or not if they choose – how could Dorothy have told anybody her yellow brick journey?
That mattered little whilst just as the light of dawn appeared. A lighter look, a more positive step and they strode back to community, returning through the exit in re-entrance, to be welcomed triumphantly with a song and embrace – Keith made a great auntie Em!

Then from the cold of the night to the warmth of the hearth, the questers found themselves once again in the darkness, but this time bearlike in the community of the sweat lodge. How could they share their story? In the warmth and witness of their clan they could share and tell their story. The Hero returns, healed and stronger!

A brief summary like this cannot do justice to the full gamut of the experience of the team of questers, but all of them reported profound and beautiful experiences, and have made lifelong friends, including with themselves too!