Vision Quest – follow a natural way

Vision Quest – 20/21 October 2012


Vision quests have taken many forms over the centuries, from tests of survival, to pilgrimages, to inner quests. Here at Clophill we regularly hold a physically gentle version of the vision quest, in way that it can bring you in touch with yourself, your spirit and the natural world in your unique way. Everyone can benefit from such a quest.
In this way the Vision Quest is a gift of time to you, perhaps at key defining moments, maybe in dealing with changes; such as career, relationships, parenthood or retirement. Or it may be about gaining clarity or direction in life, either way there will be some form of transition.

These transitions are often initially experienced as a sense being cut off or of isolation, in which we can feel we have remained stuck for an eternity! If are to move through the change or get the direction we need, then the next phase will need to be one of expectation and preparedness for change – we feel like we on the edge of changing. The last phase is when we embrace new positive ways and apply them. The new ways become integrated within us.

The Vision Quest is not just a metaphor for working with those phases of isolation, threshold and re-incorporation, but is a process, which if met with proper intention and attention and can shorten the duration of the phases (and certainly move us through aspects we are stuck in!)

Held and facilitated by Keith, once your application for the Quest has been accepted, you will begin the process of preparing and enacting that sense of isolation, by experiencing and enjoying time alone on the land, before being welcomed back, celebrated with and supported into adopting new ways.

Dates: 20th and 21st October 2012. Cost £85.

The day(s)

We will gather between 10.30am on Saturday and spend circle time together, gaining greater insights into the work for the day. We will meet several times together and have time for one to ones with the facilitator. During the day we will build a gateway to exit from and return through and also build the sweat lodge, ready for the next morning. You will choose and prepare your questing spot.

Around dusk you will be invited to attend the Fire Ceremony and Walk. That will finish and you will spend some time in quiet contemplation before heading off on to the land for your quest at midnight. You may return anytime that it feels right, but will return at first light, to the vigil fire which will be by what is known as the Garden Room at Clophill.

Once we are all returned and settled, we will enjoy the warmth of the Sweat lodge then break our fast in celebration and prepare to close our days work.


Please speak with Keith 0n 078834655171, Skype Keith.Abrahams or email him on 01438 724145 before the 13th October 2012 for your initial discussion.

On the day, on Saturday from 11am you will be asked to fast (but drinking plenty of water) to aid the cleaning process until after the lodge. If you have any medical requirements to eat, please let Keith know as it can be accommodated for and it is not an endurance test. Indeed, anytime you feel like you need something, simply talk it through with Keith and agree what is best for you.  

You will also be asked not to drink caffeine from the Thursday before the lodge.


You will be connecting and exposing yourself to the elements. This can be done either by just sitting in nature or using a small (pop up like or one man) tent or tarpaulin that still enables you to connect with the elements. And yes it is likely to be damp and cool, if not cold, and dark.

You may take:

–          Tent, sleeping bag or quilt

–          Warm layers of clothing, including gloves and hats

–          Water proof boots, trousers and jackets

–          Something to sit on the damp ground and if wished a ‘backjack’ to sit on

–          A torch (it will be suggested that you use natural light to guide your way, but your safety comes first

–          For the sweat you will need spare towels, clothing suitable for the sweat – see previous blog too.

With warmth, wetness and wellness



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